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JTS Standards

Better Than Book 7 Standards

Safety first is our bottom line and everything we do, including our mission, is based on a "safety point of view".  All of our employees operate under these same guiding principles ensuring that everyone stays safe and nobody gets hurt.  All of our TCP's are certified and dressed in highly visible uniforms.

What We Give You

We take care of your Total Traffic Control needs and provide you with peace of mind because we know you have plenty of other things to deal with.  We strive to create a worry-free and a stress-free work zone.


Total Traffic Control

sign-dig2We offer a full suite of safety solutions. In addition to our fully manned and equipped crews, we also rent select equipment to allow your jobsite to comply with safety regulations.

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Staying Safe Shouldn't Cost the Earth

sign-construction2Jackson Trademark Services Inc. is a new face in the Traffic Control Industry.  We offer a fresh alternative for your Traffic Control needs and thrive at being better than the rest.  At the same time, we understand that your projects are under tight time and financial constraints which is why our services are brought to you at the most affordable rate.

Key Information

What You Need to Know About JTS Inc.

  • Certified Skilled and Motivated TCP's
  • Safe and New Equipment
  • Highly Visible Uniforms
  • GPS Guided
  • $10m Liability Coverage
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